Okinawa Craft Industry Promotion CenterOkinawa Craft Industry Promotion Center

Recommended Experiences at the Center

The Center warmly welcomes members of the general public and professional craftspeople from Okinawa and beyond to visit us. We recommend the following three ways of enjoying your time with us ("See, Learn and Experience").


The prefecture of Okinawa is home to a rich and diverse range of traditional crafts that have been shaped by its unique history and geographical conditions. Our Center offers visitors the opportunity to see craftwork on display and witness creative processes from start to finish.


A Collective Display of Okinawa Craft

View a total of XX prefecture and nationally designated traditional craft artifacts at our permanent exhibition on the 2nd floor. Explore and learn how differences in craft materials and production processes influence final craft products.


Observing Craft Production Processes

The Center's shared studios are spaces where craftspeople gather for skill development and talent training. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls allow visitors to observe processes such as loom weaving and textile dyeing up close. A visit to our shared studios is highly recommended as a complementary experience to the Center's permanent exhibition.


The Center provides an engaging array of activities for learning more about the rich history of Okinawa's crafts. Our studios also house professional craft businesses, which allows for close proximity to craftspeople, enabling visitors to develop a deeper affinity to the traditional crafts of Okinawa.


Tablet-Based Learning

Visitors are invited to utilize tablets that have been installed in our permanent exhibition room on the 2nd floor to learn more about the history and production processes behind each individual craft.


Listening to Craftspeople

Many professional craftspeople and artists operate their businesses from our shared studios and design spaces. Each studio offers crafts for sale, and also the opportunity to listen to the people who have created them.


A Diverse Lineup of Seminars and Workshops

The Center plans to organize a wide range of workshops and events for the general public as well as professionals in the craft industry. Please refer to our website for timely updates.


A visit to our experiential craft studio comes highly recommended. Visitors are invited to try their hand at creating local craftwork as a way to remember their trip to the Center.
The Center also provides assistance and skill-based support to budding craft artists and professionals.


Experiential Workshops

Visitors may experience craft production that include Ryukyu glass-making, textile dyeing and weaving in our experiential studios located on the 1st and 2nd floors. Please read the following for more information on our workshop experiences. Spaces are limited, so visitors are encouraged to make reservations in advance.


Seek assistance at the Craft Promotion Center if you would like to explore a career in the Okinawa craft industry

The Craft Promotion Center located on the 3rd floor is a comprehensive, industrial support organization that is dedicated to providing problem-solving and skill-based guidance, as well as support to the development of new creative talent for Okinawa's craft industry. Industry professionals are welcome to inquire at the Center if they require support or assistance.


Rental spaces for private events and special exhibitions available

Our multi-purpose rooms and a portion of our exhibition rooms, in addition to the Center's entrance hall, are available for rental. Please inquire with us if you are seeking to host craft-related workshops and seminars, or if you are interested in renting spaces for exhibitions and sales.
Please contact us if you require more information on costs for renting event space.

About the Okinawa Craft Industry Promotion Center

Visitor information, the history of traditional crafts in Okinawa and more about what the Center hopes to achieve.

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