Okinawa Craft Industry Promotion CenterOkinawa Craft Industry Promotion Center

Visiting the Center

General information about the Center, including operating hours, facilities and barrier-free access.

Our Operating Hours and Days of Closure

Our Operating Hours

All Day9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

*Cafe closes at 12:00 AM (last order @:00)

Days of Closure

Every MondayThe Center shall operate on Mondays if the day falls on a public holiday, substitute holiday or Okinawa Memorial Day (June 23rd), and will remain closed otherwise.
New Year's holiday From December 30th to January 3rd

*The Center's days of closure are subject to change. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Information on barrier-free access

The Center embraces barrier-free design to allow for as many people to experience the Center and its facilities as possible. Please do not hesitate to approach Center Information (2F) if you require assistance, or if you have any questions.

Center Facilities

A Request to Our Visitors

When viewing our exhibitionsPlease refrain from touching exhibits or their display cases unless permitted. Please also refrain from running and speaking loudly in exhibition rooms.
When in the exhibition rooms, please use only pencils as permanent ink may soil or damage our exhibits.
Please leave all large or bulky personal items in the Center's coin lockers.
Please keep your phones and mobile devices on silent mode and refrain from using your phones while in exhibition rooms.
PhotographyPlease refrain from taking photographs in locations where pictures are prohibited.
Photographs are strictly limited to those taken for the purpose of personal enjoyment. (Photography for commercial usage require prior permission from Center Information.)
The Center discourages group photography involving large numbers of people as this can be disruptive to other visitors.
Please refrain from bringing camera stands, tripods and drones into the exhibition rooms.
Disruptive behaviorPlease refrain from running and speaking in loud voices while in the Center as this can be disruptive to other visitors.
Eating and drinkingConsumption of food and beverages is permitted in certain locations of the Center.
*Eating and drinking are permitted in the cafe (2F) and in front of the vending machines (1F).
Pets and AnimalsAnimals may not be brought into the Center.
*Except for service and assistance dogs
Other informationTo prevent smoke and fire-related incidents, as well as the prevention of exposure to secondhand smoke for our non-smoking visitors, the Center and all of its premises are completely non-smoking.
Please take care of your personal valuables and belongings. Coin lockers must be locked at all times during use.
The Center does not bear responsibility for incidents of theft, loss of personal property and/or injury resulting from visitor negligence.
Visitors must follow the instructions of Center staff and evacuate in a safe and orderly manner in times of emergency.
The Center encourages mindful behavior so as to maintain a pleasant and enjoyable environment for all visitors.

About the Okinawa Craft Industry Promotion Center

Visitor information, the history of traditional crafts in Okinawa and more about what the Center hopes to achieve.

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